NCERT Class 10 English Book – Download Updated Pdf (2024-2025)


NCERT Class 10 English Book is a comprehensive textbook designed to enhance students’ English language skills and foster a love for literature. It covers various aspects of English including grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. Through engaging stories, poems, and essays, students are exposed to different genres and styles of writing, expanding their reading and critical thinking abilities. With interactive exercises and activities, the book encourages active participation and language practice. Whether you want to improve your language proficiency or explore the world of literature, NCERT Class 10 English Book is a valuable resource for students.

NCERT Books for Class 10 English

There are three NCERT books in Class 10 English. The PDFs of all the chapters from these books can be downloaded from below:

First Flight class 10 NCERT English Book

First Flight is a captivating English literature textbook for Class 10 NCERT students. It presents a collection of engaging stories, poems, and plays that explore various themes and genres. Through thought-provoking texts, students develop their reading comprehension, critical thinking, and language skills. The book also includes exercises and activities that encourage active learning and foster a deeper understanding of the literary pieces. With First Flight, students embark on a literary journey that sparks imagination, creativity, and a love for English literature.


“Footprints Without Feet” is an intriguing supplementary English book for Class 10 NCERT. It offers a collection of fascinating stories that captivate readers with their imaginative narratives and unexpected twists. Through these stories, students are exposed to a range of themes, characters, and literary techniques, enhancing their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. “Footprints Without Feet” provides an exciting literary journey that encourages students to explore the world of fiction and engage with thought-provoking tales.

Words and Expressions -II

“Words and Expressions – II” is a comprehensive English language textbook for Class 10 NCERT. It focuses on expanding students’ vocabulary, improving their communication skills, and enhancing their understanding of idiomatic expressions and phrases. Through interactive exercises and engaging activities, students develop proficiency in using words effectively in both written and spoken English. “Words and Expressions – II” provides a valuable resource for students to enhance their language fluency, expand their word knowledge, and express themselves with clarity and confidence.


“Interact in English – Literature Reader” is an engaging textbook for Class 10 NCERT students. It offers a diverse selection of literary works including poems, short stories, and plays from renowned authors. Through these literary pieces, students explore various themes, characters, and literary devices, developing their critical analysis and interpretation skills. The book encourages interactive learning through discussions, activities, and exercises that enhance students’ reading comprehension and appreciation of literature. “Interact in English – Literature Reader” provides a rich literary experience, fostering a love for literature and nurturing students’ language proficiency.

A Textbook for English Course (Communicative)

Friction (Prose)





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